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How Would You Like to Change Your Entire Life?
Without Any Struggle, Without Any Personal Will Involved.

From: David Masters
To: Individuals looking for some answers…

Dear friend,

Who Is Roy Masters And Why Is His Cure Stress Device Special?
Roy Masters

Roy Masters is one of the most highly recognized and most respected experts for treating stress, mental health, and disease naturally in the world.

Since creating "Cure Stress" in 1960, he has personally helped hundreds of thousands across the world free themselves from the shackles of stress, pain, and endless loops of thought with all- natural, drug-free, and intuitive distress relieving methods.

The foundation of his work, Cure Stress, allows you to finally experience what it's like to find peace and inner-confidence, perfectly responding to each moment as it arises, without preparation, without automatic emotional reactions… and without harmful drugs (or expensive soul-searching vacations to the Himalayas.)

Roy Masters has been featured in dozens of newspapers and magazines such as World Net Daily and Reader's Digest… numerous radio programs… hundreds of websites and, recognizing his ability to help people like none other, he started America's very first talk-radio show! He is dedicated to enlightening and assisting people in life issues through the use of Cure Stress, produced by his non-profit organization, Foundation of Human Understanding.

fter continually struggling with the daily emotional upsets and reoccurring stress in your life… perhaps spending hundreds of dollars at your doctors on services that bring limited relief… you seek out distractions to escape into to prevent the stress from catching up with you again…

… considering how out of control the world can seem, it's no wonder that you're trying to find the solution to your problems.

I'm here to tell you - the struggle is not your fault, and there IS hope.

I promise.

If you're reading this page, let me tell you what lies at the root of your problems, and with that understanding I can also tell you the solution. Problems begin to effortlessly disappear once you understand why you’re struggling, why you’re unhappy, why you’re full of fear and anxiety.

On this page… I'm going to pull back the velvet curtain and reveal how all your struggling comes from one simple thing: emotional upset.

Put another way: every time you’re angry, you’re out of your center; you’re out of control. This is the secret to changing everything.

Are you ready for the truth?

If you could just stay calm when something goes wrong, then everything would be a reflection of how calm you are, instead of you being a reflection of how out of control the situation is.

So if you're ready, I'll tell you why I’m suggesting that you use the Cure Stress Device…

What Is The End Result
Of Using Cure Stress?

Eating problems go away.

Substance abuse gives you up..

Smoking, drinking, relationship problems resolve all by themselves. Pure and simple.

Each day that you make the commitment to go through the Cure Stress program is a day that you will leave behind the past and begin to live the brightest, happiest, most fulfilling life you could ever possibly imagine.

Here are the true facts.

… All it takes is a sincere attitude and a commitment to continue using Cure Stress. Not in an outcome based way, but as a process for recovery.

… Meditation has been used since 20 B.C., calming the soul, improving emotional regulation, and enhancing critical reasoning skills, however this ancient technique has only recently been rediscovered in the last 80 years, and it is effortless.

… Every time you feel weak, fearful, confused–get quiet for a moment. Sit down and listen to the Cure Stress Device. Sometimes results occur overnight. For some people it takes a little longer.

The Cure Stress Device - Your Solution to Emotional Upset

Over the 52 years of use and refinement of the core audio found on the Cure Stress Device, Cure Stress has helped hundreds of thousands, including over 400,000 of the US military. It is widely praised and recommended by psychologists and psychiatrists across the United States. Cure Stress is effortless and the most affordable way to effectively relieve (sometimes within a day) emotional and stress-based 'dis-ease'

without painful struggle, prescription drugs, or visits to a doctor.

Every time you react in the wrong way to some kind of external pressure, you lose touch with the "now" moment. You lose touch with reality. You feel a sense of loss. That sense of loss is painful, disturbing, unsettling… Instead of being unsettled, use the Cure Stress Device and become centered and at peace.

Here's what you'll love about Cure Stress:

The Cure Stress Device is totally private
and endlessly rechargeable.

It Will Help You Recenter Yourself - You can use it at any point of the day, especially if you’re at a point where you need to go into a business meeting, deal with your children, or deal with a spouse who is frustrated or out of control.

It Is The Antidote To Stress - The stress that has stung you throughout the course of your life will be eliminated. It marks the end of overreacting, because now you can center yourself simply by turning on the device and finding a few minutes to refocus.

It Is Simple And Effortless - Cure Stress involves refocusing in a special way that no one else has ever been able to describe in many thousands of years since the ancient teachers were able to instruct their followers in the art of observation and meditation.


… keep reading to discover the simple alternative to your struggling and to hear from those like you who have found incredible benefit and relief. The end of upset and struggle lies in the solution to all our problems, which has to do with first of all realizing that you’re reacting or overreacting.

I realize that this may sound almost "too good to be true" so let me explain how it works.

Cure Stress Device
Regular Price $80 Today $59
Plus FREE Shipping!

The Secret Is To Simply
STOP Putting Forth So Much EFFORT!

Do you see that you’re overreacting? Good.

The reasons why you overreact will be revealed to you as you continue to use Cure Stress.

It will help you to rediscover the root cause of all of your anxiety, frustration, fear, and anger.

Cure Stress takes just minutes per day
and it is completely EFFORTLESS.

Rediscovering these events gives you an ability to step back for a moment and see it in a new way, in a "now" way and for the first time, perhaps in your entire life, to not react in a negative way to memories, to fears, to anxieties.

To simply observe them, as if to say instead of being the experiencer of the anxiety, fear, or anger; you become the observer of the fear, the observer of the anxiety, the observer of the anger. You can’t be in two places at one time, so as you choose to become objective you’ll become separate from the problem.

You stop struggling with it, you stop giving energy to it, the problem goes away.

It gives you up without your struggle… without your will… without any fight it goes away by itself.

… think about it for a moment. What kind of problem are you struggling with?

Problem #1 - Overeating & Over Doing It

If it’s overeating do you understand that you have an impulse control problem? Meaning that your front of mind thinking tells you “Go to the refrigerator. Find something to help you forget the troubles that you’re going through.” Instead of the front of mind thinking, “Calm down, step back a moment. Become objective and aware.”

Overeating we do because we use it as an escape mechanism … for when things don't work out, or when we're upset, or when life became more stressful than we know how to deal with.

But we escape into the food not knowing that it’s as dangerous as any other kind of controlled substance.

Cure Stress is your alternative and it is the antidote to the stress that has stung you throughout the course of your life.

Problem #2 - Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Panic attacks are always anxiety about an uncertain future, fear about things that have happened in the past.

It’s a juggling act, and no one can juggle forever. Eventually you’re going to drop all the balls that you’re trying to keep in the air. Sooner or later everything falls apart and that’s when people turn toward prescription drugs or controlled substances.

Fear… obsessive compulsive behavior… this has to do with feeling out of control.

The fact is that most of us at some level are out of control.

Using Cure Stress will return the control that you have systematically lost over time by helping you to stay focused in the now moment.

Proof That Cure Stress Is Improving Lives
Around The World Every Day!

Most people know no way other than to run to the food, to the drugs, to the television, to the escapism to alleviate the stress that they feel. But somehow and someway they find the secret of Cure Stress, and escapism and bad habits become a thing of the past.

Now you know that you have an ability that you did not have before to conquer all of your problems rather than those problems conquering you. The Cure Stress Device provides a simple refocusing technique that allows you to effortlessly overcome your problems.

Here are a few reasons to start using Cure Stress in order to find the peace of mind that has been waiting for you all of your life:

Hundreds of Thousands Helped - Hundreds of thousands of people helped, including the over four hundred thousand (400,000) in the United States military alone over the last five years who have used Cure Stress to recover from the stress of war.

Widely Used Since 1960 - For over fifty years, Cure Stress has been available, and people from all walks of life, on all of the economic levels, have benefitted from the exercise involved in reclaiming your personal power.

For Any Age and Background! - No matter what kind of stress you encounter, no matter what kind of job you’re in, no matter how high the level of responsibility, Cure Stress allows you to become the most capable person.

Complete Personal Restoration – Once anxiety is gone… once fear begins to dissolve… once your impulse driven behavior begins to go away all by itself, you’re free to be a person that you’ve always wanted to be.

Nothing can hold you back, once you understand the course that’s set for you, like your stress.

Take A Peek At These Success Stories From
Individuals Who Have Benefited From Cure Stress

I understand if you're still skeptical.

After all, popular culture is filled with self-help gurus who don't provide any real answers, and others who set a good example but don't give you the tools to get there. Not so with Cure Stress. Cure Stress is so simple a five-year old could do it, and it requires no effort on your part.

Cure Stress has THOUSANDS of testimonials from individuals benefiting from Cure Stress… and the Cure Stress exercises regularly get rave reviews and comments on how it has helped their lives. Here’s just a small handful of the many enthusiastic testimonials we’ve received…

Check Out Recent Feedback About Cure Stress

Dr Ron Carlson PhD - Clinical Psychologist
"[Cure Stress] contains in its practice the seed to freeing us from our bondage and slavery to compulsive thoughts and emotions."

Laura T.
"After almost a month, my life began to change. I started to talk to my husband in a different manner – patiently and without anger. And, miraculously, our conversations became human and intelligent. Our relationship is healing. A month ago I gave a copy of Cure Stress to my son. Now he is saying that it is helping him tremendously in dealing with people and life’s problems."

Maj. Gen. George R. Harris - US Army (Ret.)
"I reached the conclusion that I didn’t give a damn if I could prove it worked medically, because I know it works. Besides, it’s so much better than what most of the soldiers are now getting – which is nothing." -- from Military praises 'fantastic' new post-traumatic stress therapy, (Harris states Cure Stress is beneficial for everyone, not just warriors with PTSD.)

Dr George Hayter MD- Chairman of the Dept. of Psychiatry, St. Joseph Hospital of Orange, CA
"I must say, on the basis of 20 years’ experience, that the application of this technique has made a significant contribution to the treatment of the great majority of those people who have learned it. Particularly gratifying has been the experience with those individuals, actually quite numerous, who do not seem to benefit from classical analytically oriented psychotherapy; but who through the process of meditation do begin to develop insight into their difficulties and thereby a new sense of control over their lives."

Rochelle P.
"Please know that I appreciate the work that Roy Masters and your organization are doing. My life is getting better and I am becoming more patient continuously. I can see that my 19-year-old son senses this patience in me and he tries to imitate it. I have a lot more improvement to go.

I called Roy on his radio program about a year ago and he helped me a lot. My 88-year-old father died just after I was very upset with him and I had tremendous guilt feelings like I killed him. I learned this was misplaced guilt from being over sensitive to life. I have two older brothers that are paranoid schizophrenic. I was messed up early in life, I don’t even remember how. I am meditating according to your technique at least twice a day and it is wonderful. Thank you. I thank God for knowing your teaching. (I have been a slow learner.)

Please keep up the good work."

Phillip L. Pringle - Southern Baptist Chaplain
"The ‘Be Still and Know’ exercise [on the Cure Stress Device] works for me. It calms my soul, enhances my thinking, and improves my emotional regulation. I am thankful to be a more resilient chaplain."

Frank K.
"Dear Cure Stress Staff, I would like to thank you, and a special thanks to Roy Masters, for the brilliant and insightful work he is doing in the field of human and spiritual understanding. I am truly grateful to all of you for helping to make a difference in my life. Right now I am in prison yet I am freer today than I have ever been in my life. I have a hunger for truth and direction like I have never had before…A freer soul. Your friend in peace."

SGT J. Shiposki - U.S. Marine Corps, (Homebound Quadriplegic)
"Thank you, It saved my Life! The peace and joy I now enjoy makes life worthwhile! "

Dr Clancy McKenzie MD
"Right on target! Roy Masters revitalizes ageless wisdom. For many, one hour with Roy Masters (creator of Cure Stress) will be more beneficial than years of traditional insight psychotherapy. "

Cure Stress Device
Regular Price $80 Today $59
Plus FREE Shipping!

Here's Everything You'll Receive When You
Place Your Order For Cure Stress Today

Imagine just a few days from now opening your mail to discover a package.

You open it up to find the following inside...

The Cure Stress Device - Weighing mere ounces and being as small as a credit card make the device very portable for discreetly carrying with you in your pocket, wallet or purse… or leave it on your bedside table to use upon waking and before falling asleep… the simple audio on the device is your golden ticket to finding purpose and calm in your life.

1) Be Still & Know - Introduction, Exercise, Discussion - A very special form of meditation-- a rediscovery of an ancient science that provides the answer to the serious problems of our time. It is recommended that you first listen to Be Still & Know before moving on to the other exercises.

2) Overcome Stress - Exercise, Discussion - 95% of all the things in your life are caused by the way you react to stress. Learning to deal with stress properly is the key.

3) Overcome Fear - Exercise, Discussion - Learning to overcome fear is rooted in dealing with pressure--with the key rooting in resentment.

4) Overcome Pain - Exercise, Discussion - Pain is trying to tell you something--something is wrong. Removing the cause will eventually remove the pain.

The Cure Stress Device comes pre-charged so it's ready to use as soon as you receive it. When it comes time to charge, just plug it into your wall or computer with included adapter. Nothing else is needed besides the device and earphones, and some time alone.

Once you use the exercise and follow the instructions and your life begins to change, we want you to tell your story. So now what are you waiting for? Order Cure Stress right now and begin the journey of a new lifetime.

David Masters

P.S.: Remember, the demand is so high for Cure Stress we have a VERY hard time keeping it in stock… which means if you come back tomorrow or even later today - it very well may be sold out already and you may have to deal with several more weeks before receiving the device.

Do yourself a favor and order Cure Stress NOW… before they run out and we can't get it back in stock.