Do you suspect emotions are behind most of your suffering?

Doctor-approved, all-natural method works without effort. Struggling with negative emotions is a thing of the past.

Doctor Recommended

The Cure Stress audio goes beyond the reach of medication and even many traditional types of meditation.

Improve how you react to others

Cure Stress helps you to act calmly and sensibly, even under the most stressful conditions.

Results Without Effort

With Cure Stress, the mind is attuned to the solution, and emotional baggage is dropped without years of questionable psychoanalysis.

If your emotions are out of control, Cure Stress can help you.

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In medical school we're taught to treat symptoms. Cure Stress has the capacity to resolve the root of the symptom for those who are ready. Richard Tytus MD, BscPhm, CCFP, FCFP
McMaster University, Hamilton, Canada
Mindfulness exercises that really work

Perfected and used since its creation in 1960 by stress expert Roy Masters. Experienced by over 400,000 grateful veterans.

The Cure Stress Device is: Easy to use and recharge Has great audio quality Features the landmark “Be Still & Know,” plus 3 additional, powerful audio exercises
Preview “Be Still & Know”
  • Introduction 5:30
  • Exercise 27:00
  • Discussion 27:58
Cure Stress Device front Backside of Cure Stress Device Earphones
Cure Stress Device with earphones
Since 2001 alone, we have received over 19,000 letters of appreciation, recommendations from doctors and chaplains, and a positive opinion from the Chief of Psychiatry at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center.
After almost a month, my life began to change. I started to talk to my husband in a different manner - patiently and without anger. And, miraculously, our conversations become human and intelligent. Our relationship is healing. A month ago I gave a copy of Cure Stress to my son. Now he is saying that it is helping him tremendously in dealing with people and life's problems.
Placeholder picture of Laura who used Cure Stress meditation Laura T.
I learned a great deal about turning off the efforts by others to bring me down to their level. I received the greatest gift of learning to be still and remain in my objective observational state. You gave me the keys to free myself from my suicidal depressions that plagued me for years. I found myself helping others with similar problems.
image description Robert Mackay
Experienced by more than 400,000 grateful veterans

Viral within the military

Cure Stress is the centerpiece of a successful program within the U.S. military community that is helping thousands of military personnel and their families cope with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Patriot outreach

A special version of Cure Stress is provided at no cost to active or retired military personnel, veterans of any age, government civilians, battlefield contractors and family members. Please phone us to request a copy.

I have given your disc to many veterans who find great benefit - I believe it is one of the best discs in production.
Government Combat
Trauma Therapist
Relief from daily pressure.

There is a way to be happy in spite of all the negative daily pressures... This is accomplished simply by learning how not to emotionally overreact to them.

Win by not losing.

Cure Stress calms you, improves your emotional regulation and enhances your critical thinking skills by decreasing the clutter in your mind.

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  • Recommended by doctors and chaplains alike
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